My own thrift shop



I am gonna tell you about my favourite store today.
My size is always in stock, vintages pieces, I like everything and it is all for free.
You know what I am talking about, it's my own closet.
I love discovering new things in the back of my closet, forgotting pieces and finding them again.
I do not find it neccesary, even for my blog to buy things that I can't afford when I have a room full of clothing that I wear.
What I am not wearing I sell on my webshop:
But I guess that is my message to you today; dont get yourself into debt because you want look like your favourite blogger.
Go dig in your and I bet you will find little gems in there.

X deb

Jacket: River Island. Dungaree dress: hm trend. Top: hm. Shoes: eBay. Ring: buddha2buddha. Bracelet: a gift

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