Who took those?



Today I started a little experiment.
I already had a tripod and a great camera to work with for my photographer.
But as every blogger may know, your boyfriend is not always in the mood to take your pictures for your blog.
For that very reason I bought a little remote for my camera and put myself to the test.
Every camera should have an option to take pictures with a remote, so I bought a remote that works for the: Nikon, Olympus and Canon.
This is my first time and I have to practice still because I have to say it is way harder than it looks.
Let me know what you think, and have you ever tried to take your own pictures?

Sometimes you really have to hide the remote.
I almost had to redo the whole shoot because I forgot the remote was still in the shot.

Next time I will take my new found skills outside.

X Deb.

Dress: asos. Shoes: River Island.