All black



I can wear colours, I do wear colour a lot really but there is one shade that makes me feel like me, strong and fierce.
I know that people will agree that that colour is black.

Black is authoritative and powerful, because black can bring up strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming. 
Black represents a lack of color, the primordial void, emptiness. It is a classic color for clothing, possibly because it makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated.

In the west black is seen a colour of mourning and simplicity.
With the Aztec culture black represented war and black obsedian stones were used on the edge of their swords.
But enough with the history lesson we all get the point.
I am just trying to say that everyone has a colour that makes them feel like their on top of the world.

Whats yours?

Jacket: River Island. Dress: hm trend. Shoes: Nike.

X Deb.

... And we're back



It has been a while hasn't it?
But I am back and I have a whole line up of outfitposts for you.
Lately I have been so incredibly busy that I just didnt have the time to take any pictures what so ever.
But dont worry I am back and I am here to stay.

Sweater: H&M trend. Skirt: Primark. Shoes: River Island