Slowly drifting



Monday again and a four day countdown till my one week holiday.
I really can't wait.
The last period I had some time off was october last year I think so I can use it.
Also I will be using this time to clean up the blog and do some massive amount of outfitshoots.
So stay tuned.

Jacket: Primark. Dress: River Island. Shoes: River Island.

X Deb.

The dungaree part



As a blogger I spend a lot of my free time looking for items of clothing that feel special to me or are just different.
I dont think you have only wear the biggest brand to make a statement.
So lately I am surfing a lot on the web looking for little webshops that still have items that hardly anyone found yet.

This is how I stumbled across a webshop called Style-Loft which has the cutest and sophisticated items you will find.
Like this parental advisory dungaree.
I love dungarees because you can create two different looks, like I showed below.
Playish with the top up or smart with the top down
Which way is your favourite?

Shirt: River Island. Dungaree: shoes: River Island.

X Deb.

To the maxi



This has been an exciting week for me, a confirmed holiday, opening of forever 21 and a new collaboration.
At this moment I really have the feeling that the effort I am putting into this passion is paying off.
So I want to take the opportunity to thank all the visitors and the people that support me with this crazy dream.
Especially my boyfriend who started shooting with an iPhone 4 and who now is my steady proffesional photographer.
He takes me to al these amazing shoot locations for multiple shoots.

Thank you

Outfit: all River Island. Necklace: Pimkie

X Deb.

Forever 21 pre-opening



I know by now you guys have already been overwhelmed with pictures from the pre-opening of forever 21 but with the official opening and all I just had to share it.

X deb.

Art and more



Dont you just love this amazing arty backdrop?
This piece of art was just around the corner of my house and I didnt even know about this.
Now its not even a issue that I am always wearing black, I will just give the background more colour.

Everything: River Island. Ring: Primark

X Deb.




As I am typing this I am very excited for the future.
But I will go on about that later, first this post.
I wanted to do this outfit for a while now I know that its a real hate it or love it kind of look but I adore it.
Kind of sophisticated but a little edge with the denim pants underneath.
And then the shoes, normally the higher the better for me but these kittenheels just got to me somehow.
They really work with this outfit.
What do you think?

Top: Topshop. Skirt: River Island. Jeans: River Island. Shoes: Primark. Necklace: H&M.

X Deb.