There she is



This week just flew by to me, it was so busy everywhere that I just lost track of time.
I didnt plan any photoshoots in, didnt prepare anything and normally never happens to my.
But here I am, a little bit late but I am here.

X deb

Top: River Island. Skirt: River Island. Necklace: hm. Shoes: asos




On friday I went to Antwerp with my cousins.
I'll start off with saying that we didnt go there for the architecture. ( which was also nice to see ofcourse )

Okay so the reason why I was there schopping !!
I went to urban outfitters and forever 21 for the first time and I am completely hooked forever.
Now there is also an urban outfitters in Amsterdam but I havent had the chance yet to go, so when in Antwerp I went for it.
Just for the gadgets though, I couldnt stop laughing at all the funny things I kept finding in that shop.
And then forever 21, I loved it !!
The clothing and for a good price as well, ( hard to find nowadays )
I can tell you next year when they are opening in Amsterdam i'll be the first in line.

X deb 

Scarf time



Lately I havent been wearing a lot of colour, so I thought for this photoshoot I would.

With my holidays behind me now I had a lot of time to do the things that I normally do not have time for.
I still need to get my computer fixed but thats only because Apple didnt have time to squeeze me in for an appointment last week, but I will not give up.
So I am still blogging from my phone and I am getting the hang of it, unfortunately.

Jacket: New Yorker. Dress: River Island. Necklace: hm. Scarf: Invito. Shoes: River Island.

No more sun


I went outside for this photoshoot and I was freezing instantly.
It's crazy how the weather here can change within a week.
This might just be my last summer outfit.

Top: River Island. Kimono: River Island. Shorts: River Island. Necklace: hm. Shoes: River Island.

X Deb.



With this post I would like to pay a little tribute to my very dedicated photographer, my boyfriend.
When I started my blog about a year ago I asked him to take my pictures and he did.
He doesn't always want to ( I know that ) but he always does it for me.
People ask me a lot what camera we are using and they never believe me when I say I have always used my iPhone for taking oufitphoto's
I recently have iPhone 5 and the picture quality is now way better.
I still saving up for a Nikon and for a tripod, for when my boyfriend is not in the  mood for taking pictures.

This friday we will be together for four years, so this post is for him my loyal photographer

Tshirt: River Island (my boyfriends) skirt: hm. Shoes: River Island. Bag: hm.

X Deb

My own thrift shop



I am gonna tell you about my favourite store today.
My size is always in stock, vintages pieces, I like everything and it is all for free.
You know what I am talking about, it's my own closet.
I love discovering new things in the back of my closet, forgotting pieces and finding them again.
I do not find it neccesary, even for my blog to buy things that I can't afford when I have a room full of clothing that I wear.
What I am not wearing I sell on my webshop:
But I guess that is my message to you today; dont get yourself into debt because you want look like your favourite blogger.
Go dig in your and I bet you will find little gems in there.

X deb

Jacket: River Island. Dungaree dress: hm trend. Top: hm. Shoes: eBay. Ring: buddha2buddha. Bracelet: a gift

Last september


A recap of this months instagram pictures, so you guys can see what I've been up to.

Well start off with the River Island aw13 collection preview.
Ofcourse Topshop having a shop in shop in our own Bijenkorf.
Wasnt there for the opening but went to see it the next day.
The launch of third collection at River Island which almost sold out the very first day !!

Launch of designer Eudon Choi design forum collection at River Island, with lots of leathers and that biker feeling.
Start of autumn, I love the colours everywhere but I just don't like the season.
Opening of a new store in the Kalverstraat called: Costes, very sophisticated.
H&M new autumn collection, to die for!!
I just wanted everything but contained myself and just got a top.

X Deb

Leopard craze



So this week is the start of my three weeks off, I am not going on holiday or going anywhere.
I am gonna use this time to do everything that needs to be done.
My computer needs to be fixed, buy a new camera, clean out my closet, update the webshop and update my blog.
Its gonna be a period of fixing things that I dont have time for when I am working.
While for some blogging is their job, for me I still need my fulltime to fund this.

So three weeks of catching up..

Jacket: primark. Top: hm. Shorts: River Island. Socks: primark. Shoes: River Island.

X Deb.