With this post I would like to pay a little tribute to my very dedicated photographer, my boyfriend.
When I started my blog about a year ago I asked him to take my pictures and he did.
He doesn't always want to ( I know that ) but he always does it for me.
People ask me a lot what camera we are using and they never believe me when I say I have always used my iPhone for taking oufitphoto's
I recently have iPhone 5 and the picture quality is now way better.
I still saving up for a Nikon and for a tripod, for when my boyfriend is not in the  mood for taking pictures.

This friday we will be together for four years, so this post is for him my loyal photographer

Tshirt: River Island (my boyfriends) skirt: hm. Shoes: River Island. Bag: hm.

X Deb

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