If the Cream was only a dream..



Hi everyone I am back this week with a brand new outfitpost.
I can see the last outfitposts I am keeping it quit simple and with this its the same story.
The top that I am wearing has a scallop trim on the bottom but you cant see it because its tucked in my jeans.
My jeans are highwaisted baggy jeans.
I absolutely love highwaisted jeans because there is nothing schowing when I bend over or anything and I usually like to show my waistline.
The shoes I bought a long time ago in sale and I thought they looked really different because of the platform.
I cant wear them very long because they give me blisters but they sure look great.

I bet every woman has shoes in their closet that look really nice but hurt like crazy after a while, do you?

Top: market. Jeans: River Island. Shoes: River Island.

X Deb.

I am back



I am finally back on the blog with a new outfitpost.
After my precious camera broke and after running out of outfitpost it has almost been a full month without a new OOTD.
I have seriousley missed the outfit updates so much and am very excited to show you this new look.

Lately I have been going to the gym frequently and I can wear this dress again full of confidence now.
I am not really losing any big weight but I can the inches flying off, so thats why I am wearing all the tight dresses that I can find.
This is one of them, I hope you like it

Dress: River Island. Shoes: converse. Necklace: Swarovski. Bag: River Island. Rings: River Island.

X Deb.