He wat heb je daar?


Zoals wij allemaal weten komen de feestdagen heel erg dichtbij, dus daar komt ook de vraag bij wat moet ik in hemelsnaam halen?
Ik ben persoonlijk best slecht in cadeautjes geven, snel blijft het bij een giftcard maar een diep fantastisch cadeau met een achterliggende gedachte wordt het meestal niet.
Bij mij in de familie zijn we gelukkig ook niet echt van het geven van cadeaus alleen op verjaardagen en Moederdag dus daar zal ik het wel van hebben.
Alleen voor mijn partner zou ik wel graag iets willen geven aangezien hij het weer een jaartje met mij heeft uitgehouden en vooral mijn zwangerschap met mij heeft doorstaan.
Nu zijn wij niet gelijk van de grote dingen dus wil ik hem iets geven wat hij daadwerkelijk kan gebruiken en wat hij wel nodig heeft.
Zo kwam ik bij de Shirt of Cotton T-shirts webshop waar ik een ruime collectie aan shirts vond.
Tshirts zeg je? die vind je toch wel overal? ja dat dacht ik ook maar ik vond er eentje tussen die toch wel speciaal was.

Ik denk wel dat heel veel vrouwen er ook wel last van hebben als ze hun vriend steeds zien trekken aan dat shirt van ze omdat die eigenlijk meestal toch wel een beetje kort is.
Aangezien we hier in Nederlands ongeveer de langste mannen ter wereld hebben en mijn partner tegen de twee meter aanloopt zullen jullie wel weten wat ik bedoel.

Dit extra lange shirt van Shirts of Cotton is echt een uitkomst.
Is eindelijk die billen decolleté weer uit het zicht dames en voelen de heren zich ook wat meer op hun gemak.
Het shirt kan normaal gedragen worden maar staat ook zeker leuk onder een ander shirtje of overhemd.
Ik ontving een shirt voor mijn vriend en dat zag er een beetje zo uit: (hij is er trouwens heel erg blij mee)
wat geef jij dit jaar cadeau voor de feestdagen?

*this post was sponsored by ShirtsofCotton.

Time flies..



.. When you are having fun I guess
First of all nine months ago I would have laughed if anyone would have said I'd be pregnant right now.
Even then I thought I still have nine months to get everything ready and to get used to the idea that we are having a little girl on the way.
Now I am here, 8 months pregnant and looking in the mirror wondering if this is really happening.
Well it is, I am pregnant and the baby is coming and what have I done up to this point you ask? Not that much really.
As a typical woman the baby now has enough clothes and shoes.
I was told it would be typical that a pregnant woman at some point gets like a nesting feeling wanting to clean and get everything ready for the upcoming baby.
Apparently I skipped that period all the way.
Maybe I will still get it maybe not all I know is that we are beyond excited that this little girl is coming and whenever she is coming we will be ready.

X deb.

Top: boohoo.com. Skirt: hm. Shoes: doc martens. Watch: river island.

5 things nobody will tell you about being pregnant


... At least not in public.

As you may know or not know I am pregnant, about 26 weeks now.
We already know the baby is a girl and we are very happy about it ( and we have a name,yes )
These are answers to the standard questions I get from people.
But everything aside I love being pregnant but sometimes I would love to talk about the absolute weird things that are happening to me, my surroundings and my body.

1. The boobs
OMG the boobs!!
I thought let me start off this list with a bang.
So I guess for people that have smaller ones or even normal sized ones for that matter, have less problems with this.
Do my boobs have to grow three cupsizes?! Three!!
They are heavy, they hurt, nothing fits and I stopped buying maternity bra's because  in a month they will not fit anymore.

2. Sleep
Up until my 20th week I slept like a baby which was amazing because I always had a light form of insomnia.
So sleeping 12 hours a day was amazing.
But now that's gone.
I sleep 5 hours a night and sometimes have terrible dreams.

3. Hormones.
Everyone knows about pregnancy hormones.
Did you know thinking about the lion kind makes me weep and how many times the thought of having a real life baby scared me to death?

4. Sick.
I had morningsickness but I never threw up so not complaining about that.
Its the smells, the of foods, drinks, surroundings and not to forget people.
Do me a favor and just stay away with your smelly self when I am feeling sick.

5. The comments.
A lot of pregnant women will laugh it away when it comes to this but this is for all you non pregnant people.
If you have read all the things above realise that this is just a tip of the iceberg of things that happen.
We know you are just trying to be funny asking if I am having twins or not but the last thing I need to add to my long list of worries is body insecurity.
I am getting bigger yes, there is a small human growing inside my body do you know that?
And thank you for acknowledging my walk my back hurts like hell.
Oh you're seeing how much weight I gained? Great I didnt notice that when I was dressing this morning for the sixth time because nothing fits.

X Deb.

Who took those?



Today I started a little experiment.
I already had a tripod and a great camera to work with for my photographer.
But as every blogger may know, your boyfriend is not always in the mood to take your pictures for your blog.
For that very reason I bought a little remote for my camera and put myself to the test.
Every camera should have an option to take pictures with a remote, so I bought a remote that works for the: Nikon, Olympus and Canon.
This is my first time and I have to practice still because I have to say it is way harder than it looks.
Let me know what you think, and have you ever tried to take your own pictures?

Sometimes you really have to hide the remote.
I almost had to redo the whole shoot because I forgot the remote was still in the shot.

Next time I will take my new found skills outside.

X Deb.

Dress: asos. Shoes: River Island.

Quick to judge



Today I was just browsing around on instagram, like I do almost every free second I have. No joke.

There I came across a well known brand that had a take-over for a day by a blogger from the UK I believe.
First thought that came to mind was: yeah finally not a stick thin model that looks nothing like most of us and shows a more realistic picture of the average customer of that brand.
So before everyone thinks I am bashing thin models, read the whole post before you judge.
Oké back to that picture, I was clicked on the picture for a like and then I saw some of the comments.
One girl said that she would look pretty if she would be 10kg lighter.
Why is society so quick to judge when you do not fit the 'mould' ?
I myself am working out and shared a public weight loss.
That is for me more reason why I understand people being happy with themselves instead of trying to something you are not to fit in.
Be comfortable and healthy.

Top: Boohoo. Jeans: River Island. Shoes: Asos. Necklace: forever 21.

X Deb.

Diary of a recessionista.


So being a fashionista on a budget can be quite hard, because how can you be your fashionable self and keep a budget at the same time?
Well I am here for you, I know what you are going through and let these tips help you.

1. Calculate what you can spend.
You can set a budget for yourself but if your income does not support that budget it has no use.
Make a list of your earnings and deduct your first priorities like, bills, food and money that you want save every month.
After you have done all that see what have left and then make your monthly fashion budget.
Tip: try to save money every month for bigger fashion expenses!

2. Set a clear budget for yourself.
If you are going shopping especially with friends because they can pressure you without knowing, set a budget.
Setting your budget at €200 or whatever you want, keep to it !!

3. Shop with aim
Shopping for something special can be easier then when you are shopping just for fun.
Just make sure that you are not getting distracted by all the promo's or things that you do not need.
I know from myself that I am an impulse buyer and I need to tell myself no.
Just ask yourself: Do I need this?
Everytime I impulse buy it stays in my closet with the tags on.
Stop buying things you do not need!!

4. Look for alternatives.
Did you see an amazing balmian pearl incrusted jacket that you know feel that you need in your life? And can't live your life without?
I know. But be real.
Make it your mission that find something similar for a reasonable price.
Look for second hand locations, or the internet. You'll be amazed by the gems that people are selling for almost nothing.
Believe me, you will feel amazing when you find it and see how much money you saved.

5. Let it go.
Just like Elsa sang, let it go
Let go of all the things you couldnt buy or do not have enough money for.
Let go that your friends are buying whatever they want.
There will be new trends and you will get over it I promise!
Stick to your budget and whatever you can't do now you can do next month or save up for it.

Let it go.




I was so glad today having the day off.
This is exactly how a sunday is supposed to be in my book.
My mother picked me up to go with her to my uncles birthday, so I asked her to quickly take some pictures of me before we went.
I am wearing my new seventies inspired dress from River Island with my Doc. Martens.

Dress: River Island. Boots: Doc Martens.

Less is more..



Wow this weather though, for this shoot we had to wait in the car for a bit for the rain to stop or at least it being dry enough to take the pictures.
Today I am wearing my favourite dress of the moment from River Island.
I am still in the black and white phase as you can see, maybe its not a phase to be honest.
I paired this with my new awesome sunglasses from Polette eyewear.
Polette eyewear is a company that takes out the middle man and lets you order your lenses and frame at the same time.
So if you need prescription glasses you dont have to get them from a specialist they get you your sun or clear glasses the way you want them.
You can order every frame with the custom lenses that you need.
All that and still being affordable.

Have a look at the Polette website,
And till the 10th of februari a 50% discount ( for the Netherlands and Belgium ) 

X Deb.
Dress: River Island. Jacket: Monki. Shoes: River Island. Sunglasses: Polette eyewear

My 'get well soon' smoothie


I told you guys on instagram after I posted my smoothie picture that I would tell you the ingredients.
Well here goes:

1. One apple, cut up in smaller pieces or else my blender will not blend but I have a cheap one so that might the reason. ;)

2. Frozen fruit that I get from the supermarket, Albert Heijn for the dutchies. (Strawberry, blueberry, rasberry)

3. One kiwi.

4. And then the final step some cayennepepper on top, just for that extra pop and it is very healthy for you.
If you dont like it spicy just put a little.

So thats it. Try it if you want and let me know how it works out.

X Deb.

DIY: rainbow ombre nails


Hi everyone I am back with a new beauty blogpost for you.
Most of the time I cant be bothered with my nails but when I do polish them I like to do something special.

Lately I havent been wearing any colours, but grey or navy ( I dont see white& black as colours but thats all I wear )
My nails though get all the colours of the world, so here are my rainbow nails.
I explain step by step how I did this.

1. I make the rainbow with these three colours, from OPI ( nicki minaj mini's)
You will need a make up sponge for the ombre effect, you can use a regular sponge but then the gradient will not be a nice.

2. Use a clear base coat before you apply the white coat so your nails will not get yellow.
You use the white so your rainbow will ne brighter.
And who doesn't like a bright rainbow?

3. Okay so this part isn't neccesary for everyone but if you want a little extra wow, with this nailtape you can make cool shapes.

4. Apply the nailpolish in thick layers on the sponge like shown, repeat for every two nails or so.
Then the sponge on your nail like a stamp.

This is what your nail will look like using the tape, you can make your own patterns and designs.

So this is the end result. What do you think?
Let me know if this tutorial works out for you and if you want me to post more of these.

X Deb.