Diary of a recessionista.


So being a fashionista on a budget can be quite hard, because how can you be your fashionable self and keep a budget at the same time?
Well I am here for you, I know what you are going through and let these tips help you.

1. Calculate what you can spend.
You can set a budget for yourself but if your income does not support that budget it has no use.
Make a list of your earnings and deduct your first priorities like, bills, food and money that you want save every month.
After you have done all that see what have left and then make your monthly fashion budget.
Tip: try to save money every month for bigger fashion expenses!

2. Set a clear budget for yourself.
If you are going shopping especially with friends because they can pressure you without knowing, set a budget.
Setting your budget at €200 or whatever you want, keep to it !!

3. Shop with aim
Shopping for something special can be easier then when you are shopping just for fun.
Just make sure that you are not getting distracted by all the promo's or things that you do not need.
I know from myself that I am an impulse buyer and I need to tell myself no.
Just ask yourself: Do I need this?
Everytime I impulse buy it stays in my closet with the tags on.
Stop buying things you do not need!!

4. Look for alternatives.
Did you see an amazing balmian pearl incrusted jacket that you know feel that you need in your life? And can't live your life without?
I know. But be real.
Make it your mission that find something similar for a reasonable price.
Look for second hand locations, or the internet. You'll be amazed by the gems that people are selling for almost nothing.
Believe me, you will feel amazing when you find it and see how much money you saved.

5. Let it go.
Just like Elsa sang, let it go
Let go of all the things you couldnt buy or do not have enough money for.
Let go that your friends are buying whatever they want.
There will be new trends and you will get over it I promise!
Stick to your budget and whatever you can't do now you can do next month or save up for it.

Let it go.

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