Best Christmas gift



I had the best Christmas ever, well up to now then.
1. On Christmas eve we could go home from work earlier, every year we stay late because we have to prepare sale.
Me and my boyfriend had dinner with his family.
2. First day of Christmas we were off and spend the day with my family stuffing our faces.
3. And then the best of all for a present I got a Nikon d5100 that I was saving for, for months.

This is the first blogpost done with my new camera.
I told my boyfriend you learn how to work it quick because I want my pictures.
So this is the end result and I have to say they look pretty awesome.
Let me know what you think.

Cardigan: Monki. Top: River Island. Jeans: River Island. Necklace: mi moneda. Shoes: eBay.

X deb.

Paisley print nails



I start off with a even purple layer, I used minipolish from hm.

With a smaller brush i drew the Paisley print with white polish.
Took me forever by the way so dont think its an easy job, it takes patience.
When you are done with your design seal it in with a clear polish.
That way it will last longer.

X deb

Christmas nails



On instagram I post a lot of pictures of when I do my nails and people have asked me to show how I do it.
So i'll start of with a simple one: Christmas nails.
You will not need any extra tools with this.

1. You start of with a clear coat of polish, I usually do that so my nails wont get yellow of the black polish.

2. Use a thick layer of blackpolish, I used black gel polish from Claire's

3. Then go across the nail with your glitterpolish like you are doing a french manicure.

And thats it, have fun

X deb




Rushing a little outfitshoot before I go to work and the weather got me stuck on the balcony as well.

I had this tippet for a while now.
Bought it in sale and was so happy to get it, but this is only the second time wearing it.
Some things are just musthaves in your closet but are you actually wearing them?
Think about that.

X deb.

Dress: hm. Tippet: River Island. Shoes: eBay.

White as snow



A few days ago I a nice email from ( dutch fashion website ) saying that I was selected to be on their blogger list.
This is a very well known website here in the Netherlands so I am very proud.

All from River Island. Cardigan in black available at H&M 

X deb

Black, white & denim



Sometimes I am so surprised that I loose things in my own closet.
I am talking about this coat, you'd think that thing is pretty obvious to see but I couldnt find it anywhere.
Eventually when I went threw almost every garment that I found it back just hanging there.
I remember when I started blogging that I used to buy new clothing for every blogpost, I know now that that is ridicoulous.
And to be honest I dont think I bought any clothes for two months, if not longer.
A true reccesionista you would say.

X deb

Jacket: Zara. Top: monki. Jeans: River Island. Shoes: hm.

Rihanna for River Island launch



Last Thursday was the launch of Rihanna's winter collection at the River Island store in Amsterdam.
In this collection you see a lot of Christmas inspirations, with the reds and gold.
I think it's a nice collection but definitely not the best.
This line could have been made by everyone and really doesn't scream Rihanna like the previous lines.
I think for this Christmas line she wanted to be a bit more elegant and sophisticated.
She succeeded but for me she doesn't stand out with this line.

What do you think?

X deb

There she is



This week just flew by to me, it was so busy everywhere that I just lost track of time.
I didnt plan any photoshoots in, didnt prepare anything and normally never happens to my.
But here I am, a little bit late but I am here.

X deb

Top: River Island. Skirt: River Island. Necklace: hm. Shoes: asos




On friday I went to Antwerp with my cousins.
I'll start off with saying that we didnt go there for the architecture. ( which was also nice to see ofcourse )

Okay so the reason why I was there schopping !!
I went to urban outfitters and forever 21 for the first time and I am completely hooked forever.
Now there is also an urban outfitters in Amsterdam but I havent had the chance yet to go, so when in Antwerp I went for it.
Just for the gadgets though, I couldnt stop laughing at all the funny things I kept finding in that shop.
And then forever 21, I loved it !!
The clothing and for a good price as well, ( hard to find nowadays )
I can tell you next year when they are opening in Amsterdam i'll be the first in line.

X deb 

Scarf time



Lately I havent been wearing a lot of colour, so I thought for this photoshoot I would.

With my holidays behind me now I had a lot of time to do the things that I normally do not have time for.
I still need to get my computer fixed but thats only because Apple didnt have time to squeeze me in for an appointment last week, but I will not give up.
So I am still blogging from my phone and I am getting the hang of it, unfortunately.

Jacket: New Yorker. Dress: River Island. Necklace: hm. Scarf: Invito. Shoes: River Island.