Best Christmas gift



I had the best Christmas ever, well up to now then.
1. On Christmas eve we could go home from work earlier, every year we stay late because we have to prepare sale.
Me and my boyfriend had dinner with his family.
2. First day of Christmas we were off and spend the day with my family stuffing our faces.
3. And then the best of all for a present I got a Nikon d5100 that I was saving for, for months.

This is the first blogpost done with my new camera.
I told my boyfriend you learn how to work it quick because I want my pictures.
So this is the end result and I have to say they look pretty awesome.
Let me know what you think.

Cardigan: Monki. Top: River Island. Jeans: River Island. Necklace: mi moneda. Shoes: eBay.

X deb.

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