My 'get well soon' smoothie


I told you guys on instagram after I posted my smoothie picture that I would tell you the ingredients.
Well here goes:

1. One apple, cut up in smaller pieces or else my blender will not blend but I have a cheap one so that might the reason. ;)

2. Frozen fruit that I get from the supermarket, Albert Heijn for the dutchies. (Strawberry, blueberry, rasberry)

3. One kiwi.

4. And then the final step some cayennepepper on top, just for that extra pop and it is very healthy for you.
If you dont like it spicy just put a little.

So thats it. Try it if you want and let me know how it works out.

X Deb.

DIY: rainbow ombre nails


Hi everyone I am back with a new beauty blogpost for you.
Most of the time I cant be bothered with my nails but when I do polish them I like to do something special.

Lately I havent been wearing any colours, but grey or navy ( I dont see white& black as colours but thats all I wear )
My nails though get all the colours of the world, so here are my rainbow nails.
I explain step by step how I did this.

1. I make the rainbow with these three colours, from OPI ( nicki minaj mini's)
You will need a make up sponge for the ombre effect, you can use a regular sponge but then the gradient will not be a nice.

2. Use a clear base coat before you apply the white coat so your nails will not get yellow.
You use the white so your rainbow will ne brighter.
And who doesn't like a bright rainbow?

3. Okay so this part isn't neccesary for everyone but if you want a little extra wow, with this nailtape you can make cool shapes.

4. Apply the nailpolish in thick layers on the sponge like shown, repeat for every two nails or so.
Then the sponge on your nail like a stamp.

This is what your nail will look like using the tape, you can make your own patterns and designs.

So this is the end result. What do you think?
Let me know if this tutorial works out for you and if you want me to post more of these.

X Deb.