Quick to judge



Today I was just browsing around on instagram, like I do almost every free second I have. No joke.

There I came across a well known brand that had a take-over for a day by a blogger from the UK I believe.
First thought that came to mind was: yeah finally not a stick thin model that looks nothing like most of us and shows a more realistic picture of the average customer of that brand.
So before everyone thinks I am bashing thin models, read the whole post before you judge.
Oké back to that picture, I was clicked on the picture for a like and then I saw some of the comments.
One girl said that she would look pretty if she would be 10kg lighter.
Why is society so quick to judge when you do not fit the 'mould' ?
I myself am working out and shared a public weight loss.
That is for me more reason why I understand people being happy with themselves instead of trying to something you are not to fit in.
Be comfortable and healthy.

Top: Boohoo. Jeans: River Island. Shoes: Asos. Necklace: forever 21.

X Deb.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat ben jij mooi! In die eerste foto dacht ik op het eerste gezicht even dat ik Rihanna zag!
    Ik snap ook niet dat sommige meiden elkaar zo de grond in moeten boren, onder andere als het over gewicht gaat. Iedereens lichaam is perfect zoals het is, zolang het gezond is. Anorexia en obesitas zijn natuurlijk uitersten, alles daar tussenin is prachtig!

  2. Love the look, and your hair looks really beautiful!

    Social Media can be a great place for sharing things. Too bad some people love to share their negative vibes and even hate...

    x Chantal http://www.commedescoco.nl