Time flies..



.. When you are having fun I guess
First of all nine months ago I would have laughed if anyone would have said I'd be pregnant right now.
Even then I thought I still have nine months to get everything ready and to get used to the idea that we are having a little girl on the way.
Now I am here, 8 months pregnant and looking in the mirror wondering if this is really happening.
Well it is, I am pregnant and the baby is coming and what have I done up to this point you ask? Not that much really.
As a typical woman the baby now has enough clothes and shoes.
I was told it would be typical that a pregnant woman at some point gets like a nesting feeling wanting to clean and get everything ready for the upcoming baby.
Apparently I skipped that period all the way.
Maybe I will still get it maybe not all I know is that we are beyond excited that this little girl is coming and whenever she is coming we will be ready.

X deb.

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