Recap of May..



I know every blogger does but I think this is a good time for me to start doing this as well.
A recap of last month looks.
Since I have been actively blogging I took a lot of things more seriousley and am wondering about your take on some looks.
So here's what happened in May and give me your feedback.

Sporty Spice

One of my first really sporty looks.
Well not really really sporty but I have never worn Nikes on an outfitshoot, but it really worked out for me.
I wondered I wear them in real life why not on the blog?

Parental Advisory

I guess this was a month of firsts.
When I saw this smart dungaree I was in love and I had to shoot it immediately.
This dungaree came from a great English web shop called Style Loft and they have great stylish feminine items on there.
Visit their webshop 

Write you a Lovesong

Decided to wear my hair up with this outfitshoot.
It different from how I normally wear it and I hope you guys liked it like this.
Maybe I will do this more often.
I absolutely loved this scenery with the blossoms in the back.
It really matched the outfit especially the top.

Crispy White

Me and my boyfriend share a room in which we put our clothing, I have my clothes on the left and he has his clothes on the right.
For a change I looked on the right side to finish of this look.
They say one of the key pieces you need in your wardrobe is a crisp white shirt, well now I don't have to go get it because it's already in the closet, even though not on my side.

All that glitter

Well no firsts on this post just a basic outfitshoot but with I think my favourite jacket at the moment.
This golden jacket is fully embellished with beads.
It's a real statement piece and actually doesn't need any accessories at all.
That's why I paired it up with just a little black dress, another key wardrobe item and black sandals.

So this was my recap for the month May.
I hope you liked it as much as I did.
Leave a comment or email me with suggestions and questions, I always answer.

X Deb.

Quality over quality



Today I am trying out something, well new more like old.
My beautifull and amazing camera needs to be fixed and I thought let's do this the way I started, with my iPhone 5.

What do you mean? I can hear you think, well I had al the photo's of this outfitpost taken with my camera.
Ofcourse the quality of the pictures go down but I think of your outfit is sharp and good that shouldn't really matter.

What do you think?

Playsuit: H&M. Necklace: Swarovski. Rings: River Island. Bracelets: River Island. Shoes: River Island.

X Deb.

Just another blogpost..



You wouldn't believe but I have another week off, well I have 5 days and then I have to work again on saturday.
Why? You ask because tomorrow is my birthday and I asked for some time off for that.
I have to say I dont really celebrate my birthday that big, its a day where I am getting older I get older everyday so whatever.
About this post btw, I am wearing my favourite shoes ever!! 
They were on the internet I wanted them, then I saw them in store and I bought them that instant.
But hey just look at them and fall in love

Happy birthday to me.. <3

Jacket: River Island. Top: forever 21. Skirt: hm. Shoes: River Island. Bag: ilovefashionnews.

X Deb.