Ok.. I have to try this one

Lana del Rey

Love her..

American dreams came true somehow
I swore I'd chase until I was dead
I heard the streets were paved with gold
that's what my father said

How 'bout them Nelly shoes?


I was just browsing around when I came across these amazing shoes, now I know can keep going on and on about shoes but these ones are worth to be shared.

Well.. this shoe is for sale.. wait for it... for only 69.95 I really couldn't believe it.
But anyway while looking at this shoe the heel was very similar to another pair of shoes I own.

These are shoes from United Nude, an amazing brand where Iris van Herpen used to design for
I got these shoes in a sample for not a lot of money, but I do know when you buy shoes from United Nude you are gonna save up for a while.
And then when I was browsing a bit further I came across this shoe:

look familiar?
Yes, this is the full price United Nude slingback.
They look so much the same I know for which one I would go, so as the true recessionista that I am I would definitly go for Nelly and safe some for their other great lines of shoes.

Caviar Manicure from Ciate


Want it !!!!! Now @

My beautiful sister in blue&green


I was spending the sunday at my mothers house when my sister showed up in an amazing outfit.

I took some pictures to share with you.

Woman of inspiration


Janelle Monae

dip dye/ ombre


lately I've been blown away by this upcoming 2012 summer trend.
you might know it from the seventies when the dip dye was on the rise, and now it is again.
take a look at these amazing hairstyles:

Ashlee Simpson

Rachel Bilson

This style is even coming back in clothing, shirts, skirts this look is everywhere.

top: Monki

skirt: River Island

Style by you fashion event


Picture from the "Style by you" fashion show @Jimmy woo in Amsterdam.



My birthday is coming up on saturday so follow me while I pick my birthday outfit and look for inspiration.