5 things nobody will tell you about being pregnant


... At least not in public.

As you may know or not know I am pregnant, about 26 weeks now.
We already know the baby is a girl and we are very happy about it ( and we have a name,yes )
These are answers to the standard questions I get from people.
But everything aside I love being pregnant but sometimes I would love to talk about the absolute weird things that are happening to me, my surroundings and my body.

1. The boobs
OMG the boobs!!
I thought let me start off this list with a bang.
So I guess for people that have smaller ones or even normal sized ones for that matter, have less problems with this.
Do my boobs have to grow three cupsizes?! Three!!
They are heavy, they hurt, nothing fits and I stopped buying maternity bra's because  in a month they will not fit anymore.

2. Sleep
Up until my 20th week I slept like a baby which was amazing because I always had a light form of insomnia.
So sleeping 12 hours a day was amazing.
But now that's gone.
I sleep 5 hours a night and sometimes have terrible dreams.

3. Hormones.
Everyone knows about pregnancy hormones.
Did you know thinking about the lion kind makes me weep and how many times the thought of having a real life baby scared me to death?

4. Sick.
I had morningsickness but I never threw up so not complaining about that.
Its the smells, the of foods, drinks, surroundings and not to forget people.
Do me a favor and just stay away with your smelly self when I am feeling sick.

5. The comments.
A lot of pregnant women will laugh it away when it comes to this but this is for all you non pregnant people.
If you have read all the things above realise that this is just a tip of the iceberg of things that happen.
We know you are just trying to be funny asking if I am having twins or not but the last thing I need to add to my long list of worries is body insecurity.
I am getting bigger yes, there is a small human growing inside my body do you know that?
And thank you for acknowledging my walk my back hurts like hell.
Oh you're seeing how much weight I gained? Great I didnt notice that when I was dressing this morning for the sixth time because nothing fits.

X Deb.