Costes store opening



Heard about this brand saw their website and got excited, then they were opening new stores.
When their new store opened in Amsterdam I had to go and have a look.
The store looks beautifull and is very easy to shop.

Have a look at the website were their webshop is opening soon 

Summer breeze



I figured it out, I dont just need the summer sun to feel great.
It is that summer breeze that makes everything relaxed and wonderfull.
Would you like to be somewhere with a lot of sweaty people, or sit in the grass listen to nature.
So I figured out I love that, so bring the breeze.

Pretty little grunge



Short little photoshoot today while the sun was setting.
I simply fell in love with these shoes when I saw them.
First they came in matte black and the patent leather ones were only on the River Island webshop and after a long wait they finally came in store.
Love at first sight..

Top: Zara. Jeans: River Island. Belt: River Island ( from a skirt ) shoes: River Island. Earrings: Invito 

X Deb

The Indian way



These shoes from United Nude are my number one killer heels.
They are just plain beautifull but painfull to wear, but that doesn't stop me from wearing them though.

Cardigan: River Island. Shoes: United Nude. Top: hm. Jeans: River Island 




Top: hm. Cape: River Island. Shorts: River Island. 

All I want..




I could live with this weather forever.
Every maxi is welcome with, in this case my black maxi dress.
Im making this my little black dress for the summer?

What is your favourite piece for the summer?

Dress: H&M. Shoes: River Island. Bag: H&M 

X deb

Style dame web shop



More adds on the web shop, have a look