The velvet rope



Last week I was surprised once again by the attitude of some of my fellow bloggers.
I attended one of the fashion events during the Amsterdam Fashion week, that was for free by the way.
Because of that it was pretty busy so I came early for a good place in the front.
I still wasnt in the front but second row which I had no problem with at all, just excited to be there.
A couple of minutes before the show was about to start an argument started a couple seats next to me.
That was another blogger being loud and angry because 'She' was not placed on the first row and that she is a well known blogger and does not belong on the second row.
Well boys and girls it is safe to say that she kind of made a fool of herself by doing that.
Stay humble people..

X Deb.

Jacket: Zara. Top: River Island. Jeans: River Island. Necklace: Mi Moneda. Bag: River Island. Shoes: River Island.

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  1. Ontzettend leuke blog meis, ga zo door!
    Aparte stijl heb je, very nice!

    xoxo Tamara ChloƩ