Terrific tuesdays



Tonight I felt inspired, I went to a lecture hosted by fashionchick.nl and one of my favourite people in dutch fashion was also speaking, Anouk Bos owner and founder of creators of desire.
She talked about 7 deadly sins in fashionblogging.
A few them being: vanity, selling out, being lazy and spamming.
Sticking to your own style was also one of the topics that came up that evening.
When I heard that I thought to myself: what is exactly my style?
I dont think I really stick to one.
Looking through my archive and seeing the outfitposts from the past I could imagine how I felt that day and what I was trying to say with that post.
I dont have one style, I dress by my feeling and by the day.

X deb.

Whole outfit from River Island.

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