Feeling autumn



I think this was one the last days were the sun was fully shining and the weather was nice.
Summer is really over.
This is the time when blogging gets a little bit more difficult for me.
I have a fulltime job but usually I could take my photos after work because it would still be light outside but now that is getting darker sooner I can see that window of time getting smaller and smaller.
So I will have to be running around more on my days off, which I am not complaining about because I love blogging.
I just sometimes need daylight in a day these upcoming months.

Top: Monki. Denim: River Island. Shoes: River Island.

X Deb

A simple thing



I told you guys once before that you do not need to buy new clothes all the time to make you feel special.
Sometimes you can in your closet a little bit to find old/ new treasures.
For this outfit that was the case.
This top is from the hm and really I forgot that I had it so it feels like a complete new top.
I paired it up with another forgotten gem, my lace miniskirt ( that I had before it was a blogger essential )
So there is a whole new outfit that I dug out from the bottoms of my closet space, given a new life.
Which outfit are you gonna give a new chance?

Top: hm. Skirt: hm. Shoes: River Island. Bag: Ilovefashionnews.nl rings: Primark.

X Deb.

A story about my weightgain!?



As some of you may or may not know I have been going to the gym for a couple of months now hoping to lose some extra weight.
I have never considerd myself as fat or overweight but I just felt that gained a bit too much for me and what I normally looked like.

From the get go I saw my weight go down with a couple of kilo's but I never really saw it myself.
I would get compliments from people and they would asked what I was doing but I never saw the change myself.
My clothes did fit better but I just expected to really see it.
About two months ago the number on my scale wasnt going down anymore on the contrary it was going up!
I felt a slight rush of panic.
Wasnt I working hard enough? Am I getting used to these excersizes?
I told my boyfriend about this and he just said your muscles weigh more than your fat.
So the weight that I was losing in the beginning was fat and now I am gaining more muscle.
Of course I thought, it shouldn't be about your weightloss in the end it wasnt for me.
I feel better, stronger and more secure now and I havent lost a kilo, I gained 4 kilo and I feel great.

X Deb.