Black & Gold



I heard some one say once that all bloggers dress a like, talk a like and look a like.
And I kind of have to agree that some of us really really do the same thing and follow the leader.
With some pieces that are popular with bloggers I do always think like wow I would really want to have that.
Now it is kind of the lace op heels.
I love them I really do, but do I really want them? 
To be honest I walked around with the idea and I even tried them on and thought how awesome would they be on my next blogpost?
But they are not me. Period. So I forgot about them.
With my blog I want to show people that they can be themselfs and that you dont have to follow the masses.

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable

Top: Costes. Skirt: Monki. Necklace: River Island. Shoes: River Island 

X Deb

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