Glitter and sunshine



Hi everyone while I am writing this I am already in bed and cant really sleep because of the heat.
Great timing to work on the blog I thought.
This last week has been crazy busy in the shop and also in my life, that is usually the when I write things just to get it out.
A couple of days ago was the first time in years that wrote down what was going on in my mind and I got pages and pages full of crazy scribbles and some serieus poetry in there. ( I might write a book someday )

In this crazy time I do manage to get my outfitshoots in though.
This shoot was a hard one for me because I honestly didnt have any of my pretty days ( girls will know what I am talking about ) but I thought suck it up and out came a really great shoot.
I bought this jacket on sale on the River Island webshop.
I paired it up with simple black to dress it down a bit, what do you think about this outfit?

Outfit all River Island. Necklace: Swarovski

X Deb.

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